CasaCare Property Management Services

Your property deserves more than a simple “watch” and if you are a Puerto Escondido homeowner, CasaCare can offer you the professional and reliable property management services that your home needs.

We also provide coordination and supervision of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs to put you at ease, whether you are present or not, by finding the right personnel to do the job while ensuring the best materials within your budget are used.

Whether you only live part-time in Puerto Escondido and want to be sure that everything is taken care of while you are abroad or simply wish to enjoy your property without having to deal with its management, our services will put you at ease on a seasonal or year-round basis.

We can manage your property as a vacation home or manage it as a guest or rental property. If this is the case, we act as the liaison with your guests and/or tenants.

We offer a residential program and also a program for the complete administration of a condominium. These programs meet the majority of each one's needs but, since every property is unique, we can tailor a management program specific to your property and your needs.